Sliding Windows

580 Sliding Window

Capral 580 Sliding Window
The Capral 580 Sliding Window offers advanced weather sealing for all round weather protectino and energy conservation. The series 580 sliding windwow is designed with versatility and minimal maintenance. See Technical Specifications(PDF)
888 QLD School Suite

888 Queensland school suite
The Queensland school suite has been recommended by the Queensland Government Design section for use in all new school projects. With crisp, narrow lines, this suite allows for various glass thicknesses ranging from 4mm – 10mm

Awning Windows

582 Awning Window_grey

Capral 582 Awning Window
The Capral 582 Awning Window has been designed for simplicity of operation, stylish appearance and superior flexibility. Its efficiency, overall weathering and sealing makes the 582 awning window the perfect choice for optimum performance in a residential window. See Technical Specifications(PDF)

Double Hung Windows

581 Double Hung mki

Capral 581 Double Hung Window
The Capral series 581 Double Hung Window offers superb ventilation control and easy, rattle free operation. Whether renovating your existing home or building a new home, traditionally styled Double Hung windows offer a great solution in window design. See Technical Specifications(PDF)