Glass Louvres

Glass louvre windows maximise ventilation and allow exact control of airflow by angling the blades as required. Not only do they look great, but they can be operated remotely, easily cleaned from the inside and also help to prevent bird strike – perfect for high, expansive windows.

Breezway Powerlouvre Windows

Breezway Powerlouvre windows remove the need for special trades to install and are ideal for high out-of-reach locations or for floor-to-ceiling windows. Operated with the Apptivate Control Unit, you can benefit from bluetooth, dual channels, temperature sensor, timer control and night mode - all from your smart phone.

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Alspec Air-Flo Plus 125mm Framing + Breezway Louvres

Designed to be integrated with the entire Alspec range for a complete solution for all residential and commercial louvre applications, including lighting and hinged doors. Caters for timber reveals, various coupling, 4-point locking, louvre screened sidelites and a large range of glazing options up to 25mm double glazed.

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Capral 125 Louvre Frame

The 125 Louvre frame has the ability to house many different styles of louvre blades - from standard flat glass to curved with fly screening also available.

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